Golf Lockers

Our golf lockers are the perfect solution for storing your customers’ golf clubs and golf bags. Our primary golf locker product has been specifically designed to accommodate the average-size golfing bag & golf club, coming in both top locker format or bottom locker format, with a shortened door to allow for an integral bench seat in front without obstructing access.

Lock Type
Lock Type
Grey locker with wooden door

Timber Door Lockers


Grey locker with one locker with red door with lock and key to open

Dry Area Laminate Lockers


Grey golf club locker with a blue door and golf equipment in the locker

Golf Club Bottom Lockers


Grey golf club locker with a blue door

Golf Club Lockers


Grey Locker with a lockable blue door

Express Lockers


More Information

Storing customers’ golf clubs and golf bags securely

We all know that golfing equipment can be costly, so ensuring that your golf range offers facilities for the safe storage of golf bags and golf clubs is vital. Our golf lockers come with a range of lock options, including hasp locks, cam locks and both manual and digital combination locks.

We also offer a range of finishes to align with your golf locker storage room’s interiors. A variety of door colours and finishes are available, including wood effect finishes, which offer a premium look that’s come to be expected in top golf and sports clubs.