Industrial Lockers

Industrial lockers are designed for use in factories, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and building sites. Simply Lockers provides high-quality lockers specifically for the unique needs of industrial environments. Our metal lockers secure staff’s personal belongings, equipment, tools, and other essential items.

Lock Type
Lock Type
A full sloping top locker in grey with blue locker door

Sloping Top Lockers


Grey Locker with a lockable blue door

Staff Lockers


A empty tall caged unit with one door

Wire Mesh Lockers


Grey lockable locker with one door in blue

Heavy Duty Lockers


A grey locker with two lockers with clear doors so can look into them. All lockable with keys

Clear Door Lockers


Grey Locker with a lockable blue door

Compartment Lockers


A grey two sectioned locker for clean and dirty work gear with shelf above with a blue door.

Clean & Dirty Lockers


A empty tall caged unit with one door

Personal Effects Wire Mesh Locker


A grey minibox locker with twenty blue doors

Personal Effects Lockers


Grey wallet locker with eight lockable blue doors

Wallet Lockers


Grey uniform locker with multiple components filled with uniform and the yellow door opened

Uniform Lockers


Two person grey locker with two small box lockers above too and all doors are aqua blue.

Two Person Lockers


Grey twin locker with aqua blue doors and right door is open with a coat and shoes in

Twin Lockers


Grey one door PPE locker in aqua blue

PPE Lockers


Grey garment locker with blue door

Garment Dispensers


Grey Locker with a lockable blue door

Express Lockers


More Information

Storage Solutions

Our lockers are constructed to ensure the safety and security of an industrial workplace. We offer standard storage lockers, as well as durable steel lockers, with an anti bacterial paint to prevent personal belongings from becoming impacted by mould, odours, and hazardous materials. Not only do we have an anti bacterial coating on our lockers, but our industrial lockers have incredible air circulation, preventing the build up of mould and other nasty odours.

Our metal lockers contain various lock options, including combination locks and key locks, to ensure the safety and security of personal items, preventing theft of clothes, phones, and other small items or valuables. Whether your staff lockers need to contain hard hats, tools, smaller items, or simply a change of clothing and a backpack, we’ve got you covered.

Our lockers come in a range of options in order to accommodate your work environments, ranging from one compartment to several compartments, sloping tops, flat tops, single doors up to 20 doors, whatever storage space you need, we can implement. Our metal lockers can come in various colours that are suitable for both in offices, industrial spaces, and break rooms. We even offer bespoke workplace lockers, so that you can customise your storage solutions and find the best, most suitable option for you and your staff.

Here at Simply Lockers, we aim to provide exceptional lockers paired with outstanding service. Made entirely in the UK, our lockers are built to last through decades of use. Space efficiency, durability, and security drive our healthcare-focused designs. Let us know how we can create storage solutions to suit your unique needs.

Contact our team today to learn more about how Simply Lockers can outfit your facility with durable, customised lockers your staff will appreciate.