Golf Club Lockers


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Our Golf Lockers are primarily suited to golf clubs as they’re specifically designed for golfers to accommodate the average size golf bag and they’re clubs perfectly. These lockers can be used as either a single height unit or a 2 tier structure. The bottom locker has a shortened door and welled base to accommodate a bench seat in front. However, the top locker can also be used as a base unit should an integral bench seat not be be required.

Delivery as standard is £40.00 + VAT

Please note we are a B2B supplier only and do not deliver to residential addresses


Grey three door locker with red doors

Water Resistant Plastic Lockers


Grey wallet locker with eight lockable blue doors

Wallet Lockers


Grey post box locker with six grey doors

Postbox Lockers


Grey Locker with a lockable blue door

Express Lockers