Garment Dispensers


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Our Garment Dispensers have been primarily designed for managing the issue of dirty workplace clothing. These laundry lockers provide each worker with key access to their own compartment, inset within the main full height door. The full height main door allows access to all of the individual compartments to enable the re-stocking of laundered clothing.

Delivery as standard is £40.00 + VAT

Please note we are a B2B supplier only and do not deliver to residential addresses


grey locker with eight shelves with a orange lockable door

Non Charging Laptop & Tablet Lockers


Grey locker with one locker with red door with lock and key to open

Dry Area Laminate Lockers


Grey locker with a lockable locker with aqua blue door

Low Lockers


Grey twin locker with aqua blue doors and right door is open with a coat and shoes in

Twin Lockers