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Our extensive range of lockers, accessories, and benches guarantees you will find the perfect solution to meet your needs. Additionally, our team can provide professional installation services for a hassle-free experience.

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At Simply Lockers, we do the vetting. You only see and buy the very best lockers, backed by our guarantee. Our new and noteworthy category lists the latest in locker innovation and smart designs across industrial, office, healthcare, hospitality, recreation, education, any other workplace, and retail environments. These lockers aim to enhance security, organisation, and style in your facility. Simply Lockers showcases both cutting-edge manufacturers alongside familiar company names known for reliability

All our new storage lockers are available in a wide spectrum of powder-coated colours to complement any locker room design. Sizes range from 12″ to 18″ wide, and in various tier configurations. Discover what these standout lockers can do for your evolving facility needs.

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Our top-rated, best-selling lockers represent the most popular, time-tested options, trusted across industries. These lockers deliver proven performance and value year after year for customers. Browse our best sellers to find the ideal lockers to fulfil your needs. 

See why these durable, quality lockers remain so sought-after whether you need wire mesh office lockers, metal lockers for changing rooms or any other storage lockers. Our expansive selection of best-selling lockers offers the right fit for any space, customised to your exact specifications. Find the best of the best today!

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Laminate Lockers

Laminate Lockers

Our laminate lockers consist of a metal body with laminate doors, providing lockers that are hard-wearing but stylish. We offer dry area or wet area laminate lockers constructed from either mild steel or high grade aluminium, based on where it is going to be placed. Available in a variety of colours and single or double door variations, laminate lockers are the perfect storage solution for changing rooms and leisure centres.
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Plastic Lockers

Plastic Lockers

Plastic lockers are ideal for being exposed to water or wet weather. Our corrosion-proof plastic lockers are constructed from high quality polyethylene bodies and doors, with heavy duty concealed hinges and robust frame locking. For fully waterproof plastic lockers, additional features such as door seals and lock gaskets provide protection of items from water and the outdoors.
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Wood Lockers

Wood Lockers

Our range of wood lockers are constructed from a mild steel body and an MDF core door with the option of five timber effect finishes, providing a high quality yet sophisticated storage option. Wooden lockers provide a stylish storage solution for professional spaces and customer-facing areas.
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Let's create your perfect locker solution together.

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Simply Lockers can handle the entire process from order to installation. Find the ideal storage solution for your needs and our team will coordinate everything, from delivery directly to your facility to installation by our professional technicians.

Our experienced installers assemble your lockers, install any accessories or partitions, attach trim pieces, and mount them securely in the desired layout. Your space will be left clean and the lockers ready for immediate use.

Let our experts manage your next storage project from start to finish.

Experience the convenience of a truly hassle-free process. Contact our team today to learn more.


No matter what you need, our range can be adapted. We offer a range of styles for staff lockers, whether steel lockers, metal lockers, wood lockers, you name it, we can do it.

If you’d like a specific kind of door, we can also arrange for that, as well as any configuration of compartments, so you can maximise the space.

We also offer a massive range of metal lockers that can be used inside leisure centres, wet rooms, or a swimming pool, to hold any personal belongings in a secure place. Our range of Dry Area Laminated are scratch resistant due to an extra layer of mild steel, suitable for any and all schools, from pre-school, to high school, or to universities.

If you need more specific requirements we offer bespoke choices of storage solutions. Prices apply to UK mainland addresses only.


Can't find exactly what you need? Or seeking bulk order quotes?
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Our experts provide personalised guidance to help you discover the perfect lockers tailored to your specifications, even if not shown on our website. We have access to an extensive catalogue of styles, different sizes, features, and colours. For large-quantity projects, contact us directly for custom quoting and bulk order discounts. Let our team help configure the ideal storage solution for any industry application, facility, or locker room environment.

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