Emergency Services Lockers

When responding to emergencies, paramedics and firefighters need gear storage they can count on. Simply Lockers provides high-quality, durable emergency service lockers designed specifically for EMS and fire departments. These lockers have ample storage options, helping professionals securely organise equipment while maintaining quick access.

Lock Type
Lock Type
A full sloping top locker in grey with blue locker door

Sloping Top Lockers


Grey Locker with a lockable blue door

Staff Lockers


grey locker with eight shelves with a orange lockable door

Non Charging Laptop & Tablet Lockers


A empty tall caged unit with one door

Wire Mesh Lockers


Grey lockable locker with one door in blue

Heavy Duty Lockers


A grey locker with two lockers with clear doors so can look into them. All lockable with keys

Clear Door Lockers


Grey Locker with a lockable blue door

Compartment Lockers


A grey two sectioned locker for clean and dirty work gear with shelf above with a blue door.

Clean & Dirty Lockers


Grey locker with a lockable locker with aqua blue door

Low Lockers


A empty tall caged unit with one door

Personal Effects Wire Mesh Locker


Grey wallet locker with eight lockable blue doors

Wallet Lockers


Grey Zlocker with a red door

Z Lockers


Grey uniform locker with multiple components filled with uniform and the yellow door opened

Uniform Lockers


Two person grey locker with two small box lockers above too and all doors are aqua blue.

Two Person Lockers


Grey twin locker with aqua blue doors and right door is open with a coat and shoes in

Twin Lockers


Grey one door PPE locker in aqua blue

PPE Lockers


More Information

Simply Lockers constructs emergency lockers from high gauge steel guaranteeing longevity through rigorous daily use. Doors feature three-point locking mechanisms to keep contents secure. Ventilation slots also allow for airflow, preventing mould and mildew buildup. Additionally, the powder-coat finish resists rust and scratches even when interacting with radios, oxygen tanks, and other heavy-duty equipment.

Our emergency lockers come in a range of sizes to suit your storage needs. Personal storage lockers provide individual cubic feet of space for each employee’s essential gear. Larger lockers offer greater cubic footage for bulkier equipment like Scott Air-Paks, extrication tools, and barricade bags. Maximising your station’s storage capacity ensures personnel can suit up and load up quickly when dispatch calls.

Simply Lockers can customise lockers to your specific departmental needs. Some stations require their emergency lockers to be red for high visibility. Lockers can also be vinyl wrapped with lettering, logos, and numbering. Additionally, they can store specialised internal components like gun lockers, biohazard disposal, and charging stations based on your operational needs.

Here at Simply Lockers, we aim to provide exceptional emergency lockers backed by outstanding service.

Contact our team today to discuss outfitting your station with durable emergency lockers tailored to your department. We have supply lockers to firehouses, hospitals, and ambulance garages across the country.