Mild Steel Lockers

Simply Lockers offers a wide selection of durable mild steel lockers ideal for schools, offices, warehouses, retail stores, and any busy facility. Manufactured using high-quality steel, our lockers provide secure storage that withstands daily use and continues looking great for years.

Lock Type
Lock Type

Retro Lockers


grey locker with fifteen shelves with a plug socket on each and red doors

Charging Laptop & Tablet Lockers


Grey lockable locker with one door in blue

Wet Area Lockers


Grey Locker with a lockable blue door

Staff Lockers


grey locker with eight shelves with a orange lockable door

Non Charging Laptop & Tablet Lockers


Grey locker with wooden door

Timber Door Lockers


Grey lockable locker with one door in blue

Heavy Duty Lockers


A grey locker with two lockers with clear doors so can look into them. All lockable with keys

Clear Door Lockers


Grey Locker with a lockable blue door

Compartment Lockers


A grey two sectioned locker for clean and dirty work gear with shelf above with a blue door.

Clean & Dirty Lockers


Grey locker with one locker with red door with lock and key to open

Dry Area Laminate Lockers


Grey locker with a lockable locker with aqua blue door

Low Lockers


A grey minibox locker with twenty blue doors

Personal Effects Lockers


Grey wallet locker with eight lockable blue doors

Wallet Lockers


Grey quarto locker with blue door

Quarto Lockers


Grey cube locker with blue door

Cube Lockers


More Information

We manufacture our mild steel lockers in-house to ensure excellent quality. Available configurations include single, double, and triple-tier lockers to match your space and storage needs. Doors come with secure locking mechanisms and metal handles made for durability. Ventilated sides allow airflow preventing mold and mildew.

An extensive selection of size options means Simply Lockers’ mild steel lockers can be customized for nearly any application requiring sturdy and reliable storage.

Contact our locker experts today to discuss how we can provide the ideal mild steel lockers tailored specifically to your facility and purpose. At Simply Lockers we deliver exceptional lockers with outstanding service.