School Lockers

Finding the right lockers to fit your school environment can be challenging, but Simply Lockers makes the process easy with durable school locker solutions. From primary schools to universities, we provide secure storage to suit students of all ages in educational and sports settings. Schools can trust all our lockers to endure constant daily use while keeping student belongings safe.
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Lock Type
Lock Type

Retro Lockers


grey locker with fifteen shelves with a plug socket on each and red doors

Charging Laptop & Tablet Lockers


Grey three door locker with red doors

Water Resistant Plastic Lockers


A full sloping top locker in grey with blue locker door

Sloping Top Lockers


Grey Locker with a lockable blue door

Staff Lockers


grey locker with eight shelves with a orange lockable door

Non Charging Laptop & Tablet Lockers


Grey locker with wooden door

Timber Door Lockers


Grey lockable locker with one door in blue

Heavy Duty Lockers


Grey Locker with a lockable blue door

Compartment Lockers


Grey locker with one locker with red door with lock and key to open

Dry Area Laminate Lockers


Grey locker with a lockable locker with aqua blue door

Low Lockers


A grey minibox locker with twenty blue doors

Personal Effects Lockers


Grey quarto locker with blue door

Quarto Lockers


Grey cube locker with blue door

Cube Lockers


Grey Locker with a lockable blue door

Express Lockers


Archway locker in grey with six coat hangers on and eight grey lockers four either side

Archway Lockers


More Information

Primary School Lockers

Our school lockers are built to handle active school settings, year after year. Doors come with secure locking mechanisms, flush handles, and quiet operation, ideal for minimising disruptions. Metal, school lockers with ventilated sides allow airflow to prevent mould or mildew build-up inside.

Simply Lockers sells a wide range of sizes to equip any size or type of educational institution, such as small, low lockers specifically for primary school students just storing coats and lunch boxes. The archway lockers can be particularly useful for cloakrooms, where coats can be hung up with additional lockers to securely store valuables. Full-size lockers are ideal for high schools and secondary schools where students need room for books, sports gear, and more.

You may also want lockers that securely store laptops or tablets whilst charging them for future use. Simply Lockers offers a range of charging lockers, as well as storage built specifically for laptops and tablets without charging.

Sports Hall Lockers

Sports hall lockers have to efficiently use space to facilitate the use of students participating in a wide range of sports, then go back to the classroom ready and comfortable. This means sufficient storage for school supplies like books and uniforms, as well as sports equipment. Additionally, the lockers must be durable to withstand heavy use.

Simply Lockers delivers high quality school lockers for any function in an educational setting. Our extensive range includes; metal lockers that stand the test of time, Uniform Lockers that are ideal for sports hall changing rooms and Plastic Lockers designed to hold personal belongings in wet areas.

Locker installation is simple and easy with Simply Lockers. Contact us today to discuss equipping your school with durable and secure storage solutions designed to endure years of academic use.