Education Lockers

Lockers are essential for educational institutions, whether it’s staff lockers, storage solutions for your students to keep their personal belongings in, or lockers for changing rooms for sports or swimming pools. We have a wide range of lockers that are hard wearing, perfect for schools, colleges, staff rooms, and more.

Lock Type
Lock Type

Retro Lockers


grey locker with fifteen shelves with a plug socket on each and red doors

Charging Laptop & Tablet Lockers


Grey three door locker with red doors

Water Resistant Plastic Lockers


A full sloping top locker in grey with blue locker door

Sloping Top Lockers


Grey Locker with a lockable blue door

Staff Lockers


grey locker with eight shelves with a orange lockable door

Non Charging Laptop & Tablet Lockers


A empty tall caged unit with one door

Wire Mesh Lockers


Grey locker with wooden door

Timber Door Lockers


Grey lockable locker with one door in blue

Heavy Duty Lockers


Grey Locker with a lockable blue door

Compartment Lockers


Grey locker with one locker with red door with lock and key to open

Dry Area Laminate Lockers


Grey locker with a lockable locker with aqua blue door

Low Lockers


A empty tall caged unit with one door

Personal Effects Wire Mesh Locker


A grey minibox locker with twenty blue doors

Personal Effects Lockers


Grey quarto locker with blue door

Quarto Lockers


Grey cube locker with blue door

Cube Lockers


More Information

Our fantastic range of steel lockers and more are built to last, giving you the storage space your pupils and staff need. Our steel lockers come in a range of configurations: single, double, and triple-tier configurations, as well as box, athletic, and larger storage lockers. Additionally, you can choose from a number of doors, whether single doors, double doors, and more. This extensive selection ensures you can find just the right fit for uniforms, equipment, valuable items, and anything else that needs storage.

We offer locking options for all of our lockers, for mobile phones, valuables, and more, so that your staff lockers can give your staff the security they need. We go above and beyond your standard metal lockers to provide stylish storage solutions that can be powder coated in various standard colours to match your brand, environment, and personal preference.

Our exceptional storage lockers are also suitable in wet rooms for next to a swimming pool and include lock options. Our storage products range widely to allow for the storage of small items like a mobile phone, or large enough to provide staff lockers with enough suitable space to store anything they need within the workplace.

Whether you need a few lockers or enough to outfit an entire facility, Simply Lockers has you covered. Going beyond utilitarian metal lockers, Simply Lockers offers attractive style options as well. Lockers are powder coated in various standard colours, so you can buy one to match your brand, space, or personal preference. This allows the ability to coordinate lockers to your vision, providing the storage solutions that you need, whilst still being within your aesthetic vision.

At Simply Lockers, we strive to provide a collection of exceptional lockers backed by outstanding customer service at the most competitive prices. Contact our locker experts today to discuss how we can provide the ideal lockers specific to your space and purposes.