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4 Compartment POD Lockers

The POD lockers from Simply lockers offer a unique storage alternative to traditional lockers. Each POD locker is available with Small or Large “Seeds”. Each “Seed” is triangular in plan, enabling 7 or 11 seeds to form the small or large “Pods”.

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This innovative design concept allows small to large garments to be stored in the same manner as a normal locker, but has the advantage of a 50% space save. Each Seed has all the usual features; full door strengthener, welded plinths separating compartments, range of locking options, range of colour finishes. All lockers are available with perforated doors and sloping tops (pod only).

Available lock types – cam, hasp and staple, combination, coin operated.

Each small “pod” contains 11 “seeds” giving a total of 44 compartments.

Each large “pod” contains 7 “seeds” giving a total of 28 compartments.

Where space is short, the POD lockers are able to be placed on a rotating base. (Photo is indicative of type of locker offered and not necessarily the exact design)

Technical Specifications

4 Compartment POD Locker – DIMENSIONS

Small POD
Height – 1780mm
Width at Front – 305mm
Width at Back – 50mm
Depth – 442mm

Large POD
Height – 1780mm
Width at Front – 460mm
Width at Back – 65mm
Depth – 415mm

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